Monday, October 05, 2009

Club Silencio - Miami Vice

Roll up your jacket sleeves - here's an exclusive re-edit of the theme from Miami Vice by Club Silencio for all you regular readers.
It's up for 7 days and then it's gone.

Club Silencio - Miami Vice

The reason Club Silencio are giving away this little beauty is because out today on limited edition 12" vinyl is the Club Silencio EP featuring four tracks of beautiful wild and freaky Italian disco. Two original tracks - Felix and Turpe Traxx - plus a remix from Sankt Goran of Turpe Traxx - and an edit of Objectif Venus from Fratelli. So good the tracks have been aired at Optimo, Horse Meat Disco, on Beatsinspace and at Disco Bloodbath - you can't get much better than that.

Available from Juno:

Available from Piccadilly:

Or alternatively you can drop us a message or email and we'll send you one direct from the thisisnotanexit office for £5.99 + p&p.

As I said roll those sleeves up. Hope you enjoy.

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