Thursday, March 22, 2007

"Free music, free music, free music....give us some free music."

I hear this alot around these parts.

I'm not some sort of charity dispensing free music to those in need you know - especially when you can quickly log onto a nice online record shop / download shop and purchase some music in seconds that will cost you a few pence. Jeez I give you big lists of good stuff nearly every week to go and buy. And think about it - in this day of age of blogs *whistles* and mp3s and cd swopping think about the poor artists that have worked so hard to put the music out there FOR YOUR LISTENING pleasure and you just STEAL it for free. Go and buy an mp3 and make a band happy eh?

I am though now going to point you in the direction of some free music - AHA! A CONTRADICTION!!!!

But this is ok in my mind as its MIXES and they are like clouds or something and you can't buy these. Plus there's lots of great music on these mixes that GUESS WHAT you should go and buy!

First up, is the man JG Wilkes (General of lunacy at Optimo) and a mix he did just last week for Beatsinspace. Its got some crazy stuff on there so get to it and treat your ears!

Second, is Andy Butler from Hercules & Love Affair. They're signed to DFA so this makes them cool pretty much straightaway. Anyways get over to their myspaz and listen to Classique #2 if you haven't heard it yet. Great track - needs releasing. Anyway I digress, Andy Butler, he's done a mix for Beatsinspace too. Tim Sweeners keeps getting the best guests so yep go and download this mix too.

Both mixes can be downloaded from here:

Thats like 4 hours of music to get through. Which should keep you busy for 4 hours. Which means I won't get hassled for mp3's for about oooooooooooooh 4 hours.

I'm off to see !!! now for some freaky dancing with, as my girlfriend puts it, MONKEY BOY and his funk troops. Heart of heart of heart of heart of heart of HEARTS.

Oh yeah and go read Kiran Sande's new Contemporary Fix column for FACT Magazine - he's loving the Prins Thomas remix of Hatchback rather too much for his own good. And its not even finished!!

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