Friday, March 30, 2007

I don't feel drunk.

They Came From The Stars I Saw Them rocked the hell out of the basement of 333 last night -so I'm feeling a bit shabby today. No excuses for not providing some musical entertainment to help you through the weekend though.

First up is Battles - Atlas. I discovered this earlier this week and its out on Warp on 12" with a DJ Koze remix. I've never been convinced by them previously but jeebus this is next level stuff. Its all about the original and its schaffel-tastic to the max and its been on repeat all week. Need to hear this out as it seriously rocks.

I've also been listening to the Soulwax remix of The Klaxons today (it was only a matter of time before the Dewale boys had a run at them) and guess what? Its disappointing. People are creaming themselves over this but its seriously disappointing. The kids love it but that doesn;t make it good does it? Do yourselves a favour and stick Battles on repeat - its a FAR FAR FAR superior musical experience.

Or alternatively boot this up and shake your thing.

No-one knows who they are but following their first track Mountain Machine going up a couple of weeks ago - a new track TIGER has gone up today and is equally as good. I'm trying to convince them to release these tracks on Thisisnotanexit Records but we'll see.....anyways whatever happens these are seriously ones to watch and have a certain amount of schaffel about them to make me watch closely than ever....

Also worth watching out for are the EY3 remixes of OOIOO out on vinyl (£12 import prices!!! ouch) but worth every penny. Especially as you get two versions (and EY3 is a genius!). Plus The Loving Hand remixes of Wolfmother have finally landed on black plastic - worth a look and one of the best remixes The Loving Hand (aka Tim Goldsworthy) has done. Harald Grosskopf's Emphasis (from the album Synthesis) has been re-issued on the marvellous Supersound and after hearing it on the Padded Cell Beatsinspace mix its worth a listen. Finally Trevor 'Action' Jackson returns with a distinctly rave-esque sounding remix of Black Ghosts which has a hardcore drum sample that can't fail to get the kids dancing...

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