Monday, October 22, 2007

There's a nice interview with Jorge Velez (aka Professor Genius) up on the 24 Hours blog so go and have a read! Thisisnotanexit Records will be putting out the A Jean Giraud tracks he mentions next year and they're absolutely deep and beautiful and I'm as excited as Jorge is about these tracks!

My current record to watch out for In Flagranti's newie called Additional Alpha Blocker on Speak Recordings. I've never been a massive fan - although I did play Nonplusultra a hell of alot when it came out in 2004 - but this is pretty bloody good. The common theme is the bassline though - Nonplusultra had it and Additional.. has an awesome Level 42 bassline! It starts off deep and slow with keys and synth stabs and then slowly a slap funk bassline emerges from the mix as it ebbs and flows for 5 minutes. Imagine Metro Area with a slap bass and you're halfway there. It also sounds amazing mixed out of the Emperor Machine Remix of They Came From The Stars too! Haha! Anyway pick it up if you're out shopping as its worth a look.

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