Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Essential Purchase - A catch up...

The Essential Purchase Roundup of 2009 so far...

1/ Nite Jewel (Italians Do It Better) LP
2/ Factory Records 4 x cd boxset
3/ Salem Water EP (Merok) 7"
4/ House of House - Rushing To Paradise (Whatever We Want) 12"
5/ The Niallist - The Hots (Dissident) 12"
6/ Big Ned - Bad Angel (Optimo Music) 7"
7/ COMBI - Keep A Burning (COMBI) 12"
8/ Sonic Assassins - Show Up & Be Counted (Flashback) 12"
9/ Florence & The Machine - Dog Days (Optimo Remixes) Promo 12"
10/ Alexandra Parade - Barney's Bubbles (Autodiscotheque) 12"
11/ Stoned Green Apples - Sugar K (Crue-l) 12" & Discosession - TV Scene (Crue-l) 12"
12/ Fever Ray LP
13/ Den Haan - Release The Beast (Optimo Music) 12"
14/ Martyn - Great Lengths (3024) LP
15/ Precious System - This Is The Voice Of Love (Innervisions / Running Back) 12"
16/ Salem - Ohk (Big Love) 7"

For week 17 there was only one contender this week.

Burial & Four Tet - Moth / Wolf Club (Text) 12"

Out of nowhere comes an incredibly exciting collaboration in the form of Kieren Hebden and Burial. The first new material from Burial in ages and the big question is DOES THIS LIVE UP TO EXPECTATIONS?

It's a resounding yes.

Moth on the A-side takes Kieren's trademark electronic fx (sounding like the Ringer doublepack he released last year) but with Burials trademark broken dubstep beats treatment. A break 2/3 of the way through the track brings in some mournful female sighs and then a final flourish until the end. Totally beautiful and total head music.

The flip side Wolf Club is very different with a traditional 4/4 arrangement but sounding like Villalobos has been hanging out on the night buses of London than your standard 4/4 beats. Incredibly mournful and wistful it had the goosebumps up as soon as the fractured female vocal elements swayed into the mix. An absolute stunner!!!

This has sold out in about 5 seconds everywhere so if you see one snap it up.

Audio samples here:

I'm currently working on a new mix for the thisisnotanexit site and I may well include both of these tracks they're THAT good.

A record that reinforces my belief in the power of music.

And here's some free music.

The man Henry Rollins has his own show on KCRW in the USA and on Saturday 25th April he spent the 2 hours of his show playing records of the post punk era inspired by Simon Reynolds rather marvellous Rip It Up And Start Again (not read it? shame on you! go buy it! it's ace!). Anyways here's a link to listen to the show as well as a tracklist.

01. Neu! - Super / Neu! 2
02. David Bowie - Art Decade / Low
03. Iggy Pop - Funtime / The Idiot
04. Public Image Ltd. – Careering / Second Edition
05. Magazine – Recoil / Real Life
06. DEVO - Mechanical Man (Booji Boy Version) / Greatest Misses
07. Pere Ubu - Nonalignment Pact / The Modern Dance
08. The Normal - Warm Leatherette / single
09. Gang Of Four - Damaged Goods / Entertainment!
10. The Slits - Typical Girls / Cut
11. The Pop Group - Words Disobey Me / Y
12. Joy Division – Interzone / Unknown Pleasures
13. The Fall - Bingo Masters Break-Out / The Fall Box Set CD #01.
14. Glaxo Babies - Who Killed Bruce Lee / Dreams Interrupted
15. This Heat – Sleep / Deceit
16. Wire - Being Sucked In Again / Chairs Missing
17. Cabaret Voltaire - Do the Mussolini (Head Kick) / The Original Sound Of Sheffield
18. Young Marble Giants - Music For Evenings / Colossal Youth
19. The Swell Maps - Steven Does / A Trip To Marineville
20. Spizz - Cold City / Where's Captain Kirk?
21. Family Fodder - Savoir Faire / Savoir Faire: The Best Of
22. Passage – Fear / Pindrop
23. Dum Dum Dum - Dum Dum Dum / Messthetics Greatest Hits
24. Ludus – My Cherry Is In Sherry / The Seduction
25. Crisis – Frustration / Holocaust Hymns
26. Scritti Politti – Bibbly-O-Tek / Early
27. The Cravats – Precinct / Land Of The Giants
28. The Pseudo Existors - Beyond The Zone / Stamp Out Normality
29. Desperate Bicycles – Handlebars / single
30. The Sound – Skeletons / From The Lion’s Mouth
31. Suicide - Ghost Rider / Suicide

Have a great bank holiday. And thanks to everyone who came down on Tuesday for the Detachments show (especially the guy who said hi, wanted a Flowers That Fell 7" and reads the blog and said to keep doing "The Essential Purchase" - I can't remember your name unfortunately as I'd had a few lager tops!! But anyways a big shout out to you and your girlfriend).

For those around in London this weekend Detachments are headlining the Proud Galleries in Camden this evening. Should be a big one.

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