Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Simon A. Carr DJ Set

Tonight I'll be Djing at 93 Feet East at the Signals From The Cosmos party in support of the release of the new Thisisnotanexit release from PARALLELS - the Ultralight EP!! It comes out in the UK next week but we'll have some exclusive copies to give away and sell this evening.

I've cut down on the DJing over the past year or so as became rather disillusioned by the London crowds and promoters just expecting the same old stuff. So it was nice to be asked by the guys behind Signals From The Cosmos to pop down and play some music and most importantly whatever ther hell I wanted to play with no worry about the latest edits and trends and what not.

Tonight should therefore be a bit of a blast as I'll be playing stuff from the farthest reaches of my record collection from Boyd Rice and early Mute stuff, to factory b-sides, to 60s psychadelia, to new stuff coming out on Thisisnotanexit.

Free entry. 93 Feet East. Music from myself and the Signals From The Cosmos Residents. Come and have a drink. What else are you going to do tonight?

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