Friday, December 11, 2009

Black Meteoric Star this week announce that the Gavin Russom piloted spaceship will head off in search of The Crystal Ark in 2010. Following the dual piloted Delia & Gavin project that skirted the surface of (THE DAYS OF) MARS and ably assisted by Carl Craig and DFA on remix command. Alongside that we visited the Black Leotard Front (whilst somehow losing HEY COACH) and Black Meteoric Star have kept things pulsing through 2009. Along with Gavin Russom going on solo missions to try and rescue Palms and Peter Dundov.

Now we plunge ever onwards with Viva Ruiz helming the microphone and a sense of palpable excitement as the matter collates and The Crystal Ark will appear in February 2010.

More reading and a Gavin Russom mix available here:


  1. exciting! the crystal ark sounds like it'll be amazing.