Friday, December 18, 2009

Last Christmas....

I don't particularly like Christmas songs. Call me grumpy if you like. I have though always had a soft spot for Wham's Last Christmas. God knows why. It has a centre of melancholy that isn't the stupid grinning banality of other pop Christmas songs though. I think I even own it on 7" [10p sticker on it from Oxfam upon further investigation]. Not sure the last time I played it but it's there if I ever fancy it.

Anyways when this landed in my inbox as a present from the wonderful Micron 63 [The Fall - Soft Cell - Fad Gadget - Nitzer Ebb influences - MY EARS AND HEART SAY YES - further reading: Death Is Colder Than Love 7" from earlier in 2009] I was quite overjoyed that they'd turned Last Christmas into a wonderful dark hearted piece of electronic synth-poppery complete with a synth line of their own choosing that is simply quite joyous. I dare you not to listen to it. And then put it straight back on again.

And how often can you say that these days?

Get it here. 100 downloads / 7 days / whichever comes first.


If the world was of my making rather than the strange creation it actually is this would be battling whatever abomination the X Factor has vomited forth this year. But instead it's Rage Against The Machine [which by the way please buy if you live in the UK - I don't care for Cheryl Cole and her "stop it - it's mean" whimpering - just do it and see if we can at least make a dent in the black hole of Butlins on ITV1 talent no-show]. Anyways for a minute there I lost myself.

Check Micron 63's myspace out and some of the demos from their forthcoming album.

They're onto something.

They may have sold something [S-O-U-L to the horned one] to get this music but it could be worth it.

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