Friday, August 11, 2006

An exciting week this week. The first signing to Thisisnotanexit Records has been confirmed - a band called THEY CAME FROM THE STARS, I SAW THEM.

I've been listening to their demo cd on repeat today and believe me they are absolutely revolutionary. Live they are an incredible proposition too. Like nothing else you've ever seen or heard before.

The first release is slated for November with a remix from JD Twitch from Optimo on the b-side if all goes to plan.

And I've got to say they have a hint of early Pink Floyd in their sound - and by that I mean the pioneer that was Syd. Here's a great track from the man himself that always breaks my heart.

And speaking of breaking hearts here's a track by Gregor Samsa - a band that really has been breaking my heart since I discovered them, coming on like Mogwai, Godspeed you black emperor and Galaxie 500 all at once. Truly beautiful stuff. Go and hunt out their LP, seriously you won't regret it.

Following on from last weeks Wedont exclusive I also have this little beauty he's thrown together - Dizzee Rascal vs. Xenon 2. Bizarre as it sounds it works like a dream....makes me want to buy a Commodore 64 off ebay.

Finally here's a track from New Zealand band Shocking Pinks who have been signed up by the DFA. They've also been busy signing up Prinzhorn Dance School from Brighton. Plus go and re-check out Thisisnotanexit Vol.2 if you haven't already as it features the groovy disco track ALTZ - MAXMOTION that has just been licensed to DFA for a re-release. Ahead of the curve, me.

I finally get my decks tomorrow so next week there'll be Blackstrobes Pins & Needles posted up, along with the new Cobblestone Jazz track, an old Jonathan Richman track that everyone should own and the Optimo re-edit of Wolfmother. There should also be a new mix up on the official site.

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