Monday, August 21, 2006

I'm still having problems with my decks - mixer - Ableton - laptop - soundcard setup so until I get it sorted here are a couple of things to tide you over.

Over at our friend George Demure's myspace page is this downloadable track but figured I would put it up here too as myspace can be so temperamental. His new track Main Attraction can be streamed there too and should be making its appearance on little black 7" plastic real soon. Go and buy it as A) its great and B) he's one of the nicest men in music, seriously. Plus its not neu-rave!

And this is most definitely not neu-rave! Its a track by OOIOO called UMA (apparently it means 'horse' in Japanese). Its from OOIOO's new cd TAIGA which you can purchase via import - apparently its going to be released as part of an ep in October backed with a remix by EY3 from The Boredoms! I cannot wait. I also got the EY3 remix #2 of Crue-l Grand Orchestra last week which is worth a listen - even at £12 for an import 12".

Just bought the new Stereolab 7" and the best of Blurt Vol.2 which I'm looking forward to - but the Gregor Samsa LP is still on constant rotation along with Chris Carters - Mondo Beat LP, the How To Cure Dyslexia 7" and some old stuff by The the demos from The Sorcerer and Hatchback that they sent me - glorious electro nu-disco.

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