Thursday, August 03, 2006

A little exclusive for you today. Noone has got this yet. I had to steal this from my man wedont's computer! Anyway he's put together a remix of Spank Rock - Far Left which is an absolute stormer. Can I hear some Hardcore in there? Is that Hooligan '69? I think it might be... Anyway download it and play to your friends and if you're feeling fruity be wedonts friend over at myspace. He's also got a record label which will soon make its debut with a lovely little 2 tracker 7" from the lovely Catriona Irving that you can pre-order via the neednowater site link below...

And this has just gone up at The Chromatics myspace site - a demo of a track called BABY that I absolutely adore.

Here's hoping the rumours they're gonna play the UK soon are true.

In other news there will be a new mix up on the official site shortly - and in a shocking twist its not been done by me but by mate Paul. More info once he tidies up the edges. A rather more poppy mix than usual though to reflect either A) the sunshine B) his talents or C) my laziness. You decide.

Thisisnotanexit Vol. 5 will return in September though so don't panic!

Also, I'm on the verge of making the first two signings to Thisisnotanexit Records. Hopefully at least one of them will be confirmed next week and YOU will be the first to find out. Promise.

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