Friday, September 28, 2007

How abouts you all switch off Facebook and take a little trip around the myspace world. Go on.

First up is the new Mungolian Jetset Remix. It's creatively titled "Dominique Leone - Clairevoyage (A Medley Performed By The 16th Rebels Of Mung). A genius title!! It is apparently a collaboration with the master of slo-house-scando-disco Mr. Lindstrom - a psychadelic match made in heaven. The remix of Mari Boine is also worth checking as thats not out yet either.
Trevor 'Action' Jackson appears to be quite quiet at the moment - hopefully he's finishing the next Playgroup album as it's been quite a while since that came out now. Still, after his recent promo only remixes of Ali Loves Secret Sunday Lover (how did this not get more exposure!?) a remix of Pharoahe Monch'es 'Desire' has appeared on Trevor Jacksons myspace player. It appears very old skool in its take and sounds like Travor Jacksons UNDERDOG moniker than Playgroup. I'm unfamiliar with the original but I've been digging this.
DFA are absolutely killing it at the moment - Still Going - Still Going Theme hit the shops this week and is one of the records of the year - the kind of joyous house record that makes you want to hug people on the dancefloor. Life affirming disco of the highest order. They've apparently remixes !!! as well for a release mid-October on Warp. I need. Plus don't sleep on the Hercules & Love Affair release either - I'm still waiting on BLIND to land but this'll keep me happy for the moment as it's so 80s sounding its just what I like. The LCD Soundsystem Remix package coming out is rather tasty too - with the man Hatchback contributing as WINDSURF to a remix of US VS. THEM in a way that I keep expecting my Dad to knock on my bedroom door and ask what this slice of 70s prog joy is (in a good way). Much beard stroking to that one. Hatchback is also going to conjure up a remix of They Came From The Stars I Saw Them slept on kraut jazz classic The Unstoppable Kite.
Anyway what I meant to write about before being distracted by DFA stuff was the NEW DFA signing Holy Ghost. I'd heard Synare Jam and Hold On care of Mr. Tim Sweeney - but now on their myspace player they have not only HOLD ON (and a nice remix of it) but two remixes Holy Ghost have done. One for US Vice Band The Panthers (which is ace) and one for Only Fools & Horses. Now I was hoping this was a nice remix of Hooky Street but its not. Its a new signing to Permanent Vacation. Anyway with no Del Boy in sight its STILL pretty f8cking amazing - deep, joyous, hairs standing up electronic music. Go listen LOUD and try and tell me otherwise.
Finally Sons And Daughters return soon with a new single The Gilt Complex. A great return but its the b-side thats got people talking. A cover of Adamskis Killer no less that apparently is AMAZING. So good the Optimo guys are desperate for a copy. My ear is firmly to the ground on this one but its probably wise to make a regular check on their myspace player.
Finally, Hatchback - White Diamond makes its official appearance on vinyl and digital download this Monday October 1st. For those that missed the limited whites (or if you want one in a proper beautiful Peter Saville esque sleeve) then get down the shops on Monday.
And if you want something to keep you occupied over the weekend then log onto Phonica and get yourself a very very exclusive white label promo copy of They Came From The Stars I Saw Them- Signals (Emperor Machine Remixes). Phonica have 20. Its a limited run of 50. Its not gonna be out until November so if you want it before your friends and everyone else get to it.
And goodbye.

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