Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Well. I would have put up some of the stuff I bought on Friday but the package still hasn't arrived. Bizarrely the stuff I ordered later that day and got sent to work HAS arrived. I appear to have a post thief operating in my neighbourhood as a cd has also gone missing recently PLUS a previous order from Piccadilly Records (so if you live in N16 and buy records my advice is DON'T GET THEM SENT HOME!!!). My postman is obviously into slo-disco, 70s balearic, minimal techno and 80s electronic stuff - maybe I should get him to DJ at the next Thisisnotanexit event. I wouldn't normally mind but its like £60+ of vinyl gone walkies! Dammit!

Anyways I'm gonna go and have a listen to James Blackshaw - that'll calm me down. Sort of like an instrumental Nick Drake. Or something.


And then after that I'm going to listen to some more Professor Genius stuff as the new stuff he's sent me (that I think will be coming out on Thisisnotanexit all being well) is a bit special. SPECIAL.

Oh and one thing I did get in the post was the new Gatto Fritto on Dissident. Woah. Like WOAH it's good. 200 only and the only place I've seen it is Juno. Invisible College its called. Get on it before everyone else does!!!

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