Friday, September 21, 2007

I lost my ipod on the flight out. I'd like to say it was quite liberating but I missed that black box full of music on the odd occasion. I'm thoroughly jetlagged but tomorrow night I'll be out with Hatchback as he's DJing in support of the mighty White Diamond single (Radio 1 approved as well don't you know) which comes out October 1st. Come along and have some fun - he might even unveil the next single planned for Thisisnotanexit - JETLAG (quite apt today) and in particular the FAZE ACTION REMIX which got delivered today. Watch out.

After being away for 2 weeks I also splurged some cash on a load of vinyl this morning - maybe I'll upload something when and if it all arrives tomorrow (come on royal mail). Anyways I grabbed the Carl Craig Remix of Kevin Saunderson, the new Pepe Braddock, the Scotty Coats & Wes The Mes DOUBLEFISTED on Rong, the Pantha Du Prince and Black Dice remixes of Animal Collective and the Smith & Mudd Idjut Boys newie. All good.

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