Tuesday, August 05, 2008

(Belated) Single of the week
This came out a few weeks ago and I forgot to highlight its necessity for purchase! Fontan are a new band signed to Studio's Information label and although all this balearica is becoming how shall we say it a bit samey in places this deserves your attention as it delves much more into the motorik drumming of Neu! and Harmonia and a krautrock 70s obsession with aching swooping guitar solos and a Beach Boys-esque vocal than simply retracing the nu-disco template. Beautiful stuff on a beautiful 12" (plus it comes with Studio and A Mountain Of One Remixes). Deserved praise for a rather splendid debut. Hopefully the album will be similarly grandiose in vision.
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Buy the 12" from Phonica as they're a real bricks n mortar record shop:

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