Friday, August 01, 2008

Another day - another record shop bites the dust. Hopefully Sister Ray will find a buyer but in this day and age who would invest in a record shop?! 5 years ago an independent house record would sell 5,000 copies as DJs with 1210s all over the land bought vinyl with their hard earned cash. These days with the proliferation of blogs and limewire and the population rebelling against major labels it appears that the average numbers of vinyl sales is falling. DFA now only press 900 per 12" of alot of their releases for example. The days of going record shopping are now simply a click of the mouse and opening up Beatport and Juno. There are some records which still sell (european minimal techno, fidgit house etc) but for those trying to do something different and independently these are tough times.
Support your local record shop and the independent labels you believe in. A few years time and they might not be around...

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