Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Tomorrow evening - that'll be Thursday then - Simon A. Carr - that'll be me then - will be Djing at Vibe Bar on Brick Lane in East London with the legends that are Spectral Empire (their debut single Innerfearence / The Minotaur is coming out on Thisisnotanexit in September and blimey its heads down smacked out 80s horror soundtrack prog disco of the highest order) from 1930 - 2330. We'll be digging deep and playing weird whacked out sounds and enjoying a beverage or few at the same time. If you're in town come on down and say hi. What the hell else would you rather do on a Thursday.
Oh and its free entry too. Now you're interested.
As Gordon Ramsay would say - "Vibe Bar, DJ Sets, Spectral Empire, Simon A. Carr, free entry - DONE"

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