Friday, January 30, 2009

Week Four: The Essential Purchase
So we reach week four and what have we got? Not much from sifting through the new release pages on the usual suspects.

There is though Detachments digital download single MESSAGES which is now available to buy from the usual digital stores. Produced by Trevor Jackson. xfm have played it repeatedly the past few weeks. Worth your 79p on itunes!
Apart from that Phonica said it was back to busy times with loads of good stuff this week. I've had a look at what they've been talking about but the main two things are the House Of House 12" and the Food Of The Gods 12". I bought the Food Of The Gods back in November though so it's not exactly new. There's a shedload of edit 12"s out this week. All I say to that is FOR F8CKS sake is that what new releases have been reduced to? A bunch of tracks repressed with a new intro added (well done CTRL Z CTRL Z CTRL Z extended intro). You're not a record label! It's just bootlegging!
Anyway I purchased the House of House 12" to catch up as I missed that the other week. A classic in the making (at over £10 I feel kinda ripped off though).
The lesson this week? Make your own music.

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