Thursday, January 15, 2009

So. The burning question is what did I buy last week? I ended up buying the Nite Jewel LP in the end as I reckon that's the release I'll still be listening to in 5 years time.

I've also heard some of the Fever Ray album from a preview a friend gave me and by god it's good. I cannot wait for that to come out. If you're a fan of the knife then you're not going to be disappointed. Anyways roll on that coming out on vinyl.

This weeks music choice is VERY difficult.

First up is the debut release from HOUSE OF HOUSE on Whatever We Want from New York. This is the new project from Oliver Spencer and Saheer Umar and is rapidly gaining plays after a sneaky video preview appeared of Harvey playing it - you can check it out here:

Liv is part of Still Going who are signed to DFA and released the mighty piano epic STILL GOING THEME a while back (you know the one - pianos, a hint of melancholy, sounds amazing at 3am in a dark club with your friends around you...) so you know this is big. We had talked to House Of House about a remix for Thisisnotanexit but it wasn't to be.

Anyways you can get a copy of this massive vocalled disco track on 12" from No Ordinary Monkey in the US.

The other choice is the new Factory Records boxset that was supposed to come out on the 12th but has now gone back to the 19th. Anyways - 10,000 copies produced, the first 100 get a roll of Factory tape (yes I am Factory obsessed enough to want this), 4 x cds featuring everything from Joy Division through to New Order to Happy Mondays....for £29.99. Bargain. Start your musical education here people.,factory-records-communications-19781992-4cd_2576.htm

Anyways I ordered this over the House Of House 12"as I mentioned above that the first 100 get a roll of Factory tape (FAC 136). I'll get the House Of House 12" next week I reckon.
And for those of a digital persuasion check out the new track from SPECTRAL EMPIRE called LIFE AFTER FUTURE coming soon on Thisisnotanexit. A Sheffield bleep classic in the making? The b-side will be the stunning Chateau Flight Remix of Innerfearence. Wow.
Keep believing.

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