Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Week Three: The Essential Purchase
So, here we are. Week three and so far I've bought two pieces of music so far this year which is quite impressive. Unfortunately I recommended the Factory Communications 1978-1992 CD compilation last week and typically it's been delayed. So Rhino are still awaiting finished stock. Bah. I should have bought the House Of House 12". Anyways - what have we got this week...?

Salem - Water EP (Merok) 7"
One of the most interesting bands to appear over the past 12 months is Salem who I have obviously written about before singing their praises. This week the Water EP was brought to attention by my friends over at 20jazzfunkgreats so made my decision of whether to get the House Of House 12" or the Salem 7" is the quandry I am now in. THIS IS TRICKY. I'm in week 3 and already I want to buy two releases.
There are a few other things of interest too out this week: Runaway's Alberg 30 on Chinatown is a 12" maybe worth considering....

There is also this. A compilation of music from Dario Argento's films including tracks from Goblin, Ennio Morricone, Claudio Simonetti, Keith Emerson and Signor Wolf.

A rather marvellous compilation no less but the limited nature of Salem and House Of House vinyl releases they are the ones that will no doubt form the basis of a decision. Hmmmmmm.

***5 minutes of thinking***

I've bought the Salem 7".

I've just realised that the Salem release is a pre-order. DAMMIT. This means yet again I've ordered something that hasn't come out yet.

Anyways in other Salem news Heather from Salem has contributed vocals to the Detachments album Thisisnotanexit is putting out later this year. It sounds beautifully dark and doomed and beautiful. You'll have to wait until the Autumn to hear it though.
Anyway, hopefully there'll be some House Of House 12"s left next week. The Telepathe album DANCE MOTHER is also supposed to be out soon too. Hopefully not on vinyl next week.

This isn't as easy as I thought it would be.

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