Thursday, November 26, 2009

Naum Gabo - Pictur 12" (300 only)

Two years in the making this week sees the release of Naum Gabo's Pictur 12".

We ended up not featuring the original version of Pictur as the remixes we ended up with were simply too stunning. The a-side features Joakim taking the track on a 10 minute acid disco excursion with a quite massive breakdown. I've been playing this out for 18 months now and I get asked about it whenever I play it.

On the b-side features two Naum Gabo edits of the 24 minute The Loving Hand Remix (The Loving Hand is DFA's Tim Goldsworthy for those that don't know). Owing to The Loving Hand Remix being a 6 part 24 minute kosmische journey and quite literally being unplayable in a club (unless you want a toilet break whilst DJing) Naum Gabo took it upon themselves to pull out two of their favourite sections of the remix and edit them into dancefloor playable versions. So on the 12" you get these two exclusive edits.

The 12" sleeve also features a painting given to Naum Gabo by Turner Prize nominee Cathy Wilkes. The sleeve is therefore in full colour with an expensive matt finish to make the visual element of the release truly stunning.

We are releasing 300 only of these hence the high price. About 100 exist in the UK as 200 have been shipped around the world. Don't miss out on what for us is a quite special release.

The release will only be available on 12" vinyl until the 12" is sold out and then we will release this digitally.

If you order a copy of the 12" via us at Thisisnotanexit HQ though we'll send you the release as 320kps MP3's as well. Email us for details and we'll let you know how to do it.

The 24 minute The Loving Hand Remix will see the light of day in 2010 - it has been compared to E2-E4, LCD SS 45:33 and Can's Bel Air to the people who have heard it.

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