Sunday, November 01, 2009

Thisisnotanexit Diesel Show Download

On Monday night we took over Diesel U Music for 2 hours. For those that missed it here's the tracklist and link to download the show as an MP3 so you can listen via your favourite music consumption device.

We apologise for the ramshackle nature of the show - we had various technology problems but struggled through somewhow.

Roy Montgomery - London Is Swinging By It's Neck
Naum Gabo - Like Crystalline
Pink Stallone - Vlad
Night Plane - Let The Right One In
Club Silencio - Felix
Parallels - Ultralight (Club Silencio Remix)
Detachments feat. Salem - Sands Of Time
Brain Machine - Eternal Night (Musiccargo Remix)
Naum Gabo - Pictur (Joakim Remix)
The Dark Esquire - Situation (12" Version)
Brain Machine - Pulsations (Majeure Remix)
Detachments - Circles (Spectral Empire Remix)

***Spectral Empire Interview***

***Spectral Empire DJ Mix***

No tracklist available - Pink Floyd, Night Angles, Saudi Air Bandit and Raw Deal is all we know...

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