Monday, March 01, 2010

Section 25: Larry Cassidy RIP

I learned with great sadness that Larry Cassidy from one of my favourite ever bands Section 25 unfortunately passed away on Saturday. For some reason they never received the same press attention as some of the other Factory bands - which is a crying shame as they hold some incredible music within their catalogue.

Here's one of my favourite Section 25 tracks from their amazing debut album Always Now: 'Dirty Disco'.

For those uninitiated in the world of Section 25 go and buy some of the reissued LTM cd's. They'll change your life.

“Powerfull, mesmerising and expressive. Perhaps the most maverick and enigmatic of the bands that were part of the now legendary Factory Records roster. Section 25 were formed in Poulton-le Fylde, Lancashire in 1977 by brothers Larry and Vin Cassidy. Their classic Northern Sound defines punk and electro in one. Having worked with Ian Curtis, Martin Hannet and Bernard Sumner on four Factory Albums they now continue to record for LTM. They pre-dated ambient, chillout and massive beats by a decade. Their explorations of hypnotic basslines, thrusting motorik drums and rusty colliding slabs of melody and feedback produce a truly unique and zen like sound”.

RIP Larry.

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