Tuesday, March 02, 2010


For those of you that read the blog regularly and understand the Thisisnotanexit vision then you'll know Factory, Tony Wilson and New Order are massive inspirations for why the label started and what we do.

It was therefore a massive honour last year to be approached by 24 Hour Service Station and ask for The Dark Esquire and Detachments to get involved with the New Order Ceremony Tribute project that they were putting together.

Detachments went away and recorded cover versions of THE PERFECT KISS and MR DISCO and The Dark Esquire recorded a version of TEMPTATION. Exciting stuff. Now those tracks are seeing the light of day via the "Ceremony A Tribute To New Order" release which is out this week. You can buy it digitally or on a lovely 2 x cd edition. 32 tracks of goodness plus you get an audio introduction by Peter Hook.

Here's a very low quality mp3 version of The Dark Esquire's contribution TEMPTATION as a taster.


Go buy! Plus proceeds go to the Salford Foundation Trust which means you get not only music for your money but a warm feeling knowing you're helping young people in the creative arts.



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