Monday, March 29, 2010


Spectral Empire this week unveil INNERFEARENCE / THE MINOTAUR which was previously only available on a very limited 12". Innerfearence was later tweaked into a cosmic 100bpm groove thang by Chateau Flight. Get the original here along with THE MINOTAUR which you can use to scare small children and / or your girlfriend with. Embrace the darkness.

Spectral Empire will be DJing at the THISISNOTANEXIT showcase at Land Of Kings on Friday April 23rd. We'll be taking over Bardens Boudoir and featuring Detachments live and myself DJing too.

Spectral Empire will also from Friday May 28th be residents at the THISISNOTANEXIT club night at THE DROP in Stoke Newington N16 alongside myself. Underneath The Three Kings. We'll be taking over once a month from 10pm - 4am to twist your minds and take you to the dark realm.

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