Friday, July 30, 2010

Executive Slacks

Executive Slacks were a band from Philadelphia in the early 80s that I got turned onto by Trevor Jackson (after hearing him play The Bus) and James Murphy (after hearing him play 30 Years). I never tire of their album YOU CAN'T HUM WHEN YOU'RE DEAD after picking up a copy on ebay - as I purge my collection down to the records I love I know this is one I'll never sell. I may well play The Bus tonight at the THISISNOTANEXIT night at The Drop as its one of those records that is just ahead of its time and is exactly the sort of out there record that people are too scared to play these days. Check them out playing The Bus live. Seriously, how cool.

Here though is a track of the forementioned album called CINEMA which is the sort of thing I'd love to play to an openminded crowd at 3am to really freak them out or drive them to smash the windows and the walls. Smash it. Smash it in.

I saw you in the cinema
You had no arms and legs
I had to put you in the seat
Sick of falling down

See you at The Drop. Doors 11pm. We'll try and record some of tonight's action and share next week.

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