Friday, July 16, 2010


This is the sort of music we like to play at the THISISNOTANEXIT night at The Drop. A stone cold electronic classic from 1982. Bizarrely it's from the Hawkwind, Friends and Relations LP and this timeless piece of electronic magic somehow sits amongst a bunch of raaaaawk music. This track could easily sit with some of the early minimal / synth wave stuff from Europe and is a bit of an oddity (hence why we like it). I believe Baldelli and the like played this heavily back then in Italy and you can understand why - especially with the sloping bassline that emerges halfway through. It's short and sweet and has the thing as Horton Jupiter often looks for.

So, downloads so far from Harold Faltermeyer and Michael Moorcock. Are you saving these in a THISISNOTANEXIT: THE DROP playlist? You should. Next Friday we'll post something with a bit more dynamism.

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