Friday, July 23, 2010


According to an interview: "In 1986 I started recording electronic music under the name Fact TwentyTwo. Initially it was me and another guy - Dave Butler. Dave would sing and I would make music using a Roland 303/606 combo and some Casios and an Ensoniq Mirage sampler. We were in art school in Ohio at the time. We had lots of fun. Eventually, Fact TwentyTwo became my solo project."

Veronika played this on her EVR show last week and I had to hunt a copy of this out. A totally amazing 80s electronic pop track mixed with industrial overtones (and almost Aphex Twin electronics at the end) from an act called FACT 22. Don't know much else about Fact 22 - and it looks as though everything he released was on cassette at the end of the 80s. This will certainly be getting played at THISISNOTANEXIT next week. Dark, sleazy electronic music that's been getting alot of love this week.
Fact 22 - Motivation


  1. hey i used to LOVE fact 22! back in the late 80's i was really into the whole cassette culture and this 'band' was one of my faves. i own and actually still have most of his tapes. i really should digitize those! he also released a couple CDs in the 90's on art magazine emigre's short-lived record label. nice to know the music is still loved!

  2. You should definitely digitize those cassettes. Send them over - would love to hear them and share them.