Friday, July 09, 2010

Harold Faltermeyer - Running Man Theme

We listen to alot of music here at Thisisnotanexit HQ. In fact my headphones seem to be permanently on - constantly searching out interesting stuff. Mainly to play at the Thisisnotanexit night at The Drop - but sometimes just for pure pleasure.

Seeing as most people only visit blogs to get free music we've decided to dedicate Friday's to giving away music each week. We won't be giving away new stuff - instead concentrating on older music that we think deserves a search out and a reappraisal and that has been played heavily during the week. Think of it as our favourite tracks of the week.

First up, to start things off, is a track from Harold Faltermeyer. Most famous for Axel F - and in turn for that dam frog - Harold Faltermeyer also put together an awesome soundtrack for the great 80's film THE RUNNING MAN (go and dig it out and rewatch). I'm a big fan of soundtracks - especially horror soundtracks - but this features some great tracks and has been on repeat all week. Perfect for the early hours of Thisisnotanexit before it fills up and gets going. Spectral Empire turned me onto a couple of other soundtracks from the 80s (all of which seem to feature Arnie) but this is one I happened across that I've been loving this week.

Here then is the first track off The Running Man soundtrack album: "Intro - Bakersfield" - enjoy.

Who knows what I'll post next week. Stay tuned.

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