Friday, July 18, 2008


1. To behave or move nervously or restlessly.
2. To play or fuss; fiddle: He fidgeted with his notes while lecturing.

To cause to behave or move nervously or restlessly.

1. A condition of restlessness as manifested by nervous movements. Often used in the plural with the.
2. One that fidgets.

Bored bored bored by all this fidget house talk recently. It appears that all the kids who were into NURAVE last year have now taken this bouncy bassline fidget house stuff as their new plaything. And it sells SHEDLOADS literally bloody truckloads of the stuff. Shows how much I know!

Rest assured there'll be no fidgeting around these parts. In honour of non-fidgeting I'll be playing Meat Raffle in Shoreditch the weekend after next with the mighty Detachments. Detachments debut single is out on Monday so get yourself to your local record store or itunes and purchase!
This weekend I will be finishing the long awaited Thisisnotanexit Volume 10 - after the last one received nearly 20,000 downloads I'd figured that the new installment would have to live up to expectations and the plan in my head for it is rather special. It will be like nothing you've ever heard before (basically because about 50% of it hasn't been released yet..) Hopefully next week you will see what I mean....
Over and out.

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