Friday, July 25, 2008

I saw The Dark Knight last night - a sucker for the hype I'd had my expectations raised through the roof (imdb users for example have given the film a staggering 9.4 average rating making it AHEM the greatest film of all time Warner Brothers have certainly made sure that the hype machine has kicked into overdrive). Anyways it was VERY GOOD - Heath Ledger certainly delivered a stunning performance as The Joker - and there are some incredible sections of the film (the car chase / joker incarceration is an amazing centrepiece) BUT it has elements of it that slightly let it down for me (the bullet fingerprint section, the quite literally stupid mobile phone as eyes....erm, what??!) but overall it's worth checking out on the big screen. And the way it ends leaves it open for a futher film....

My main man Sculpture would make a good character in a comic book film. Here he is performing live at The Elevator Gallery last week which I was going to attend but events conspired against me...

Don't forget that Detachments are playing live at Meat Raffle on Saturday night at Catch on Kingsland Road in Shoreditch. There will also be a DJ set from Simon A. Carr.

Detachments LIVE at 11pm

Simon A. Carr DJ Set at 12 midnight

Plus it's free!!! What more do you want? Sit in the sunshine all day and then come see (hear?) some amazing music!

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