Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A regular reader of the Thisisnotanexit blog emailed me today and asked if Thisisnotanexit was sponsored by Magners. I can assure you we are not, but if the marketing manager of Magners is reading this feel free to send me a crate and I'll write about sunshine and cider all summer.
It's pissing down with rain today though - definitely not a Magners day.
Here's some music:
Riz Ortolani - Il Corpo Di Linda
This was made in the 70's by the guy who also did the title track to Cannibal Holocaust but sounds like some sort of futurist techno template with Hot On The Heels Of Love but a distant spec on the horizon. This evening I'll mainly be mixing this with the new Ricardo Villalobos release on Perlon.
This week you should all have the following events in your disco diaries:
Pure Groove party @ The Macbeth featuring Andrew Weatherall, James Pants, Adam Kersher, We Have Band, Simon A. Carr DJ Set and Detachments LIVE!
Washing Line @ The Constitution featuring Simon A. Carr DJ Set and Detachments LIVE!
Come party. Don't forget Detachments Fear No Fear is released on MP3 and 12" on Monday 14th July - as played by Radio 1 this week!!
Over and out. Oh yeah and Mr. Magners hit me up.

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