Tuesday, July 01, 2008

It's a beautiful sunny day here in London town. The kids are out getting burnt as I sit here typing this. Traditionally during summer my record collection and musical choices get a little happier and brighter - must be all that serotonin the sunlight and warmth is generating. Or something. My ipod has been quite dark recently though - a reignited interest in post punk and early 80s sounds that suggest there was never a summer then - just grey.
But today I got sent a link to these guys - Pepe California - from Japan. Dam! There name even says sunshine and summer. The music is as you would therefore expect the sound of the sea, balmy days on the beach, positivity, uplifting, the feeling that today is a good day.
Go turn it up real loud, put your sunglasses and some suntan lotion on and go sit in your back garden with a magners and enjoy this little selection!

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