Monday, July 21, 2008

Single Of The Week - Detachments Fear No Fear
Can I declare a release on my own label to be my single of the week? Of course I can. Why? Because it's head and shoulders above everything else you'll hear this week - it's big f8ck off dance music laced with Post Punk experimentalism with a dark heart and soul and a nod to Warp and Transmat early techno. It's absolutely killer - when I played this at Optimo earlier in 2008 and with strobes and white lights going off I had GOOSEBUMPS it sounded so good and people were so into it.
Plus it comes with an absolutely MASSIVE remix from Moscow which turns it into a 90's acid house piano anthem perfect for the 5am dancefloors. And then there's the 80's tinged Naum Gabo Remix - what more can you say than those guys have remixed everyone from Franz Ferdinand to Hot Chip to Snow with Jonnie DJing every week at Optimo you know the mix is going to deliver.
Go and buy - that's all there is to say.
Unless you only buy things from itunes / digital stores in which case you'll have to wait until next week. Buy a 12" though - the artwork has been done by Detachments vocalist and producer Sebastien and will look beautiful framed on your wall.

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